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Adams Traditional Academy | April 8, 2020

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Educational Philosophy and Curriculum 

The curriculum is presented in a teacher-led, whole-classroom direct instruction approach. Curriculum is based upon approved resources and utilizes the Core Knowledge Scope and Sequence. The curriculum taught is: 

Spalding Language Arts program (phonics-based)

Reading is taught by utilizing quality literature, while teaching text structure, literary appreciation and using sequential mental actions to develop strong comprehension skills.  Additionally students are expected to supplement primary instruction with independent reading requirements.

The Excellence in Writing program is tool-based and sequential. High quality expectations are applied cross-curricula. Students are exposed to a variety of written works, including: creative, expository, persuasive, essay, etc.

Core Knowledge The scope and sequence is a shared, solid and sequential body of works that include: basic principles of government, important events of world history, essential elements of mathematics, science and of oral and written expression, widely acknowledged masterpieces of art and music and stories and poems passed down from generation to generation. The Core Knowledge Foundation does not publish a curriculum or textbook. Instead, it provides a detailed list of ideas, people, events and concepts that are to be taught at each grade level. ATA utilizes the Core Knowledge Scope and Sequence for science, history, geography, civics and economics. ATA also utilizes the scope and sequence to integrate music and the arts into all subjects.

History/Geography is presented in a student-friendly format to ensure comprehensive knowledge of both the world and the United States, and how the two relate to each other. Geography is taught in conjunction with history. Both the Economics of Government and personal spending are taught in line with national standards, utilizing age appropriate curriculum.

Civics and Government curriculum teaches students the foundational principles of our nation and the role of its citizens.

Singapore Math is enriched with additional practice of basic math facts.

Science Lab methodologies and concepts are reinforced with a strong laboratory component, supported by additional expertise within a laboratory rotation.

Latin, Leaders in the medical, legal and science professions encourage Latin instruction. The foundation of many of the world’s languages is Latin, including Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese and even English. By learning the vocabulary and structure of this ancient speech, children are able to develop an understanding of many words they read that they have not before encountered.  Minimus, a mouse guide, leads us through a curriculum program in 2nd gradeLatin for Children is the textbook for grades 3-8.

Foreign languages are introduced in seventh grade and continue through eighth grade. Consistent evaluation is applied to ensure student progression.

Our integrated curriculum is supplemented by expertise in the following areas:

  • Art Lab
  • Music Lab
  • Technology Lab
  • Science Lab

Physical Education introduces a variety of sports with their history, rules, application, and sportsmanship. P.E. includes a personal fitness and health component.

Special Education needs are addressed, meeting or exceeding all state standards. A specially designed program will be offered to children identified as gifted and talented.

Current events are included in all curriculum areas as appropriate.